The Coffee Den

About The Coffee Den

At 5 metres in length this Coffee Den is fully self sufficient including water, grey waste, power, gas and stock. A three group Rancilio espresso machine and Mazzer Major grinder allow for a high volume of hot drinks to be produced quickly. With a self contained fridge and huge onboard water supply we can guarantee the waiting times for customers is minimal.

Our Coffee Den is modern with EFTPOS and cashout services available in all parts of the South Island.

Our baristas are well trained, which means that they not only know how to make a coffee, but how to create an outstanding coffee with knowledge of the temperature, humidity, grind, timing, tamping pressure, water pressure and milk texture.

The Coffee Den is a mobile coffee van serving fair trade organic espresso using a ristretto pour, in the form you most desire. Our most popular coffee choices are flat white, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino, long black and short black. But you can order it however you would like.

As a boutique mobile espresso vendor The Coffee Den offers a point of difference, not only due to our Fair Trade organic blend of beans and ristretto pour philosophy, but also due to the fact that the beans we use are award winning.

We operate a mobile espresso van that is often called gourmet, with the added feature that we are fast. That means less time waiting in line and more time enjoying the event. This enables us to deliver consistent top quality espresso with exceptional service to our customers.