This page lists resources for the training purposes of The Food Den staff only.
All material contained within these pages relates solely to The Food Den and its day to day operations.

Staff Essential Training guide.

Staff Essential Training

The Food Den HSWA Emmergency Response Chart.

HSWA emergency-response-flipchart

The video link below describes LPG filling, dangers and appropriate responses.

Each video is only a few minutes in length and highly informative.

LPG safety facts

Correct operation of Fire Extinguishers located beside all Food Den & Donut Den fryers / Fat-oil cookers

1. Evacuate all staff from wagon immediately, pressing the red gas shut off button on the way out.

2. It is only safe to use fire extinguishers when:

  • everyone has been evacuated and accounted for at a safe meeting place
  • the fire service has been called
  • it is safe to do so considering the size and location of the fire
  • you can safely access and retreat from the fire

Remember life is more important than property — don’t put yourself or others at risk.

Operating the extinguisher

Each Wagon is fitted with a Wet Chemical Class F extinguisher located by the Deep Fryer (for the Deep Fryer only), A Dry Powder ABE located by the Hot Plate and Fire Blankets located by the Deep Fryer an Hot Plate respectively.

When operating a fire extinguisher remember PASS:

  • Pull the safety pin or remove the clip
  • Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire from a safe distance. Most extinguishers are designed to be operated from about 2 – 3 metres away
  • Squeeze the handles
  • Sweep the extinguisher from side to side while aiming at the base of the fire
  • Ensure to use the entire contents of the fire extinguisher even after the fire has been put out

Alternative choice of fire extinguisher

ABE Dry Powder, Fire Blankets and Deep Fryer lids are located in each wagon beside the deep fryer and beside the hot plate.

Below is an example video of proper Fire Extinguisher use.

[slickquiz id=1]