Fortune Teller

About Fortune Teller

Weighing in at 7.2 metres in length this Food Den comes fully self sufficient including water, grey waste, power, gas and stock. Two high pressure cooking vats and a massive hot plate allow for a high volume of hot food to be produced quickly. With a 4.8 metre counter space for serving customers we can guarantee the waiting times for customers is minimal.
Our Food Dens are modern with EFTPOS services available in all parts of the South Island.

Boasting a huge range of burgers, fries, hot and cold drinks, frozen slushies, candyfloss and our own honey-coated pop corn we offer the most comprehensive range of Gluten Free foods available from a mobile food vendor.

With a punchy carnival theme this Food Den is great for pleasing the masses at carnivals, fairs or anywhere you need lots of food in a hurry.

      • Hot Food

        • Whitebait Sandwich – GF option
        • Mega Burger – GF option
        • Cheese Burger – GF option
        • Bacon Buttie – GF option
        • Steak Burger – GF option
        • Hot Chips – always Gluten Free
        • Hot Dog – always Gluten Free
      • Hot Drinks

        • Hot Chocolate
        • Cappuccino
        • Latté
        • Long Black
        • Mochaccino
        • Coffee & Tea

      • Tasty Sweet Treats

        • Candy Floss
        • Pop Corn
        • Slushie
      • Cold Drinks

        • Variety of Cans
        • Bottled Water
        • Energy Drinks
        • Juice

Food Preparation & Safety

All our ingredients and suppliers are sourced locally with 95% supplied within 12km of our yard. Our candy floss and popcorn are made in our purpose built commercial kitchen, with packaging and labelling compliant with Ministry for Primary Industries. Walk in freezers and chillers ensure stock meets or exceeds storage requirements. Our transport trucks and food wagons also boast large refrigeration and freezer units ensuring compliance and safe storing of foodstuffs during travel and operation during events and long weekends.
Daily temperature checks are carried out while we are operating.
The Food Den has a mature proven Food Control Plan and is audited 18 monthly in recognition of our best practices within the industry. A number of our senior staff have an Advanced Food Safety certificate as part of our quality assurance.